Sunday, January 28, 2007

What's going on in class?

Last week, Kate brought home some of her school work. While looking through, I noticed that there was a sheet that asked the children to list some of the classroom rules. One of Kate's? - "Do not kill."

The funniest part? The teacher checked it wrong.

Make's me wonder what's going on in HER class!

Thursday, January 25, 2007


Can you believe the picture posting worked!! Scott's gonna kill me! I decided just to try a stupid picture, since it never works anyway, and, sure enough- there it is!! I guess that's the secret for my pictures. They have to be really bad. I'll try another one, just so you can get the taste of the last picture out of your mouth.

Pew Monkeys Update

Ann inspired me.
I guess it's time to get back on the blog wagon and update.

Enoch is, well, Enoch. It's funny, he's not the typical physical tormentor most boys are. He's the intellectual tormentor. Example: Kate says she's going to let her balloon go up to heaven for Heavenly Father, to which Enoch replies: "Actually, once the balloon gets up too high, the pressure from the altitude will make it burst because..." Example: Kate won't eat most meat because it's an animal, but she WILL eat peanut butter and honey sandwiches, to which Enoch replies, "You know, honey is actually bee barf." "No it's not!" I replied, "Quit telling her things like that!" And, in quips Scott (the tree Enoch's apple doesn't fall far from), "Actually, it is. You see, bees regurgitate the honey from their stomaches..." "AAARRRGGGHHH!" So, Enoch's been reading a set of 30 yr-old encyclopedias lately- I'm pretty sure it's so he can correct anything else that the girls get wrong.

Kate's was sick as a dog for about a week and a half. We finally took her in, and they found an ear infection. I was hoping we were all done with that stage for her, but apparently not. Her spirits did perk up when we brought home two guinea pigs last weekend. She picked one up, and it snuggled right into her, as if it had been looking for her all of it's life. I'm waiting to see them come out of their little huts wearing doll clothes any day now.

Amelia has a new found love for her recorder and our piano. I have a new found respect for deaf people. She has taught herself several songs, and written down all of the notes on a piece of paper, then takes the paper to the piano to play it on there. We think that there's a college girl in our branch that will teach the kids piano. I hope it works out, since she's never taught before. Other than that, Amelia will be seeing an Occupational Therapist for her sensory integration disorder in addition to her regular therapist. In April she'll be seen by the Riley Asperger's Center. It's taken 9 months to get into, so I hope it's worth it!

Aidan is crazy 'ole Aidan. More boy than I can almost handle. When people ask how old he is, he holds up his five fingers, and I reply "He's OFFICIALLY a handful now". He's been sick with ear infections as well, unfortunately it doesn't slow him down much. He's as excited as Kate is to have the guinea pigs, and wants to put their playpen up all the time so he can watch them run around. Poor things, must feel like they live in a glass house being watched all the time. Oh, wait. They do and they are.

Ava has found a new passion for table dancing. Once she discovered that climbing on the chairs will get her to the table where she can be even HIGHER, she hasn't looked back. If we don't gate up the dining room, we know right where to find her. I just hope this isn't a peak into her employment future. While she still doesn't talk, she sure can convey a lot. She's learned some signs (more,food,drink) but gets everything she wants from everyone by just batting her eyelashes- so why talk? Of course, I remain steadfast in the belief that if they can't talk, they can't talk back.

Scott's job is going fantastic. They've been busier than ever. His new calling as EQP is keeping him busy as well. We have finally put some tiles on our entryway, so we don't have to walk on the black sticky tar paper any more. It looks UNBELIEVEABLE! We're supposed to hear from an attorney this week to help us with the contract. We'll let you know how it goes!

Oh! And me. Well, I'm doing pretty good. I'm keeping busy with Relief Society, and kids medical appointments/issues. We average 3-5 appointments a week now between doctors, dentists, optometrists, and therapists. I think I should have a shuttle service! It's definately time for a DVD player in the van. Or muzzles and straightjackets. Whatever keeps 'em quiet.

Well, once again, I'll try to attach some pictures, but I have very little expectations. We'll see.

We love you all,
The Hepworths