Sunday, February 25, 2007

Who Fathered Aidan?

Like Ava's nose? No, it's not a cold- it's the result of the pediatrician's office. While sliding down their slide, she did a face-plant right onto the carpet. She only had a red scrape the rest of that day, but when she woke up the next morning, there was this giant SCAB right on the end of her nose. How attractive!

The other day Aidan came up to me and told me that the other kids were really "fathering" him. What?! I replied, not understanding. He was trying to watch a kids show when they kept being loud and "fathering" him. You want to know how horrible of a parent I am? I told Scott he couldn't correct him yet, because I wanted him to sound cute just a little longer.

Yep. They'll all probably end up on Oprah someday, telling how I ruined them forever.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Poor Ava-Doodle

Ava-Doodle is the pet name our pediatrician gave Ava (yes, we see them so often, that they have pet names for our children). This picture is from her hospital stay back in December, and it looks like we may have a few more visits.

Ava has been suffering terribly from intestinal cramping. They have her on 4 medications now, but we are finding very little relief. They did some more bloodwork today, and are going to schedule another colonoscopy/barium enema as well as some colon biopsies done surgically. Please keep her in your prayers, and we'll keep you updated!

Happier posts to follow.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Floor and more

Well, here they are! The "Before" and "After" pictures of our floor. Unfortunately, they aren't the best pictures due to some lighting issues, but hopefully that will be resolved soon! We are finding little paper pieces of the black tar stuff EVERYWHERE! Even in Ava's diaper. Fortunately, I think it was stuffed down there, and not passed TO there.

Monday was a marathon day in the Hepworth house! 5 eye appointments, 1 dentist appointment, a shopping trip, a dollar store trip, and EVERYONE LIVED!! I even had HAIR left by the time I got home! GOOD FOR ME!!

Well, found out a new quirk about Aidan (as if he needs more)- turns out he's color "deficient" (the new term for color blindness that isn't TOTAL color blindness). He can't tell the difference in color variations, and has a hard time between his reds/greens. He can tell the difference between a green sheet of paper and red sheet of paper, but when they do the little color bubble test, that have the numbers in them, he can't see them. Wow! That may explain why his favorite color is pink! Or maybe that's just wishful thinking!

Kate got her spacer in at the dentist. It anchors one molar, up and over(or would it be considered under?) the roof of her mouth, to the other molar, to keep it from moving forward where they had to pull her two molars. She's trying desperately not to "eat" anything using her molars or the roof of her mouth, and it's quite entertaining to watch. She does very well with mandarin oranges. Just sticks them in her mouth and lets them slide down the back of her throat. My, how attractive.

Until next blog...

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Into the Sickly Woods

Mia and I had a date last Friday night, and went to the Arts Center in Fort Wayne to watch their theatre production of "Into the Woods". I've seen it several times, and the kids have heard the tape over and over (and over and over). Because we had a BOGO free coupon, we weren't able to get tickets ahead of time, and had to suffer the hands of fate by getting them at the box office. Turns out, the hands of fate were in our favor! Right before we got up to the window, someone cancelled their seats and we ended up four rows back, dead center. It was GREAT! There were quite a few children there, yet during one of the absolute quietest "kissing scenes", mine was the only one to giggle hysterically- and LOUDLY. Ahhh, the joys of youth!

Well, Scott and I are better understanding why they don't call two parents into two presidencies at church. We've been playing "tag teaching" for the last couple of weeks with the kids being sick, but this week both Scott and I were conducting AND teaching. Sure enough, the night before Aidan gets a roaring fever. Scott took Mimi (in her PJs) to church with him for his early morning meeting (she brought her stuff to get ready there), and we stayed home until the last hour. I just laid Aidan on the couch in the foyer- what could I do? It worked out okay, but now we realize that there are several meetings we are both supposed to be in attendance for. AAaarrgghh! The worst part is, I wouldn't want to be released even if I COULD! I love my calling, just need a few extra arms (and legs, and brain cells...the list goes on).

Back to Aidan- turns out he has a roaring case of strep throat, and when I return from his 3 hr long Drs appointment (apparently every kid in Fort Wayne is sick and they all go to OUR DOCTOR) Amelia is laying in our bed, red cheeked and hot as...well, you get the picture. I asked the Doctor if we could just have a long-standing appointment every Monday at 1pm. Chances are, we'd use them, and if not, I'm certain they could find someone to fill our spots. This is the fourth week in a row we've been in his office. You'd think they'd name a wing after us. "The Hepworth Wing for Sick and Confused Children" (I thought "weird" would be too strong of a term - appropriate, but strong). Has quite a ring to it, eh?

Well, back to the pharmacy we call our kitchen. 6 doses of liquid, 5 pills, 4 cups of water, 3 kids, 2 Chocolate bribes, and 1 tube-fed medicine. BLAST-OFF TO CRAZY LAND!!

This is a day only superman can save!