Thursday, June 02, 2011


I've been avoiding my blog. Like the plague (in case you didn't notice). However, I was HORRIBLY surprised and dismayed when I found out I haven't posted since JANUARY!!!! Could that possibly be true?!! NO WAY. I am perplexed. And sorry. I will do better.
It's not going to be a long post, but I have to let you in on a little homeschool secret I have. I've been slacking BIG TIME in my efforts with Ava, but even with that she's FLYING through her K and most of her 1st grade workbooks (not to shabby for a 5 yr old). I can't take any of the credit, however. We signed up for this super-cheap trial of a program called It's absolutely amazing. It has just enough entertainment for her to actually think she's NOT doing schoolwork, but it's teaching her a TON. She BEGS to go on it, and I've even made it her 'reward' for when she gets her chores done and things like that. I had done it several years ago for the older three, the summer before we started homeschooling. They were addicted to it (especially the Lego Ergo Sum...which, unless you know this program will make no sense to you). It REALLY appealed to them on an older level, so I wasn't sure how well it would work for Ava. Like a charm. I REALLY REALLY advise anyone who has kids (home or public school) to think about doing this through the summer. It will keep their minds active, and they won't go back next year having to re-learn everything they lost during the summer. And hey, if you do, make sure you let them know I sent you. Use my name and my email: I get a little sumpin' sumpin'. You know- share the love.
Take care, and I'll return MUCH sooner this time.