Sunday, September 06, 2009

What I AM doing VS should be doing

I need to take a lesson form my girls (Mia and Ava). They gave each other "facials and manicures"- doesn't it look relaxing?

Well, I played hookey tonight while Scott and the kids went over to a friends house to have "fun" (for Enoch that included burning things, for Daddy that meant food and adult conversation, for Ava that meant running around without her shoes on, for Kate that meant more animals, and for Mimi that meants someone else to listen to her talk...Aidan liked a little of all of it, mostly the burning and the food, though), while poor 'old' me stayed home. Scott made sure to remind me to try and have a good time in the quiet house with no one to bother me. I'm so glad he knows when I need some time. Perhaps the fist-fulls of my hair laying on the carpet gave him a hint!

It almost seems rediculous, though. I spent Wednesday through Saturday night in bed, high as a kite, trying to get rid of more stones (yes, I know, I'm an over-achiever), and yet that doesn't seem to count as quiet time by myself. Why is that? I'm even MEDICATED! That should at least count for something! The only problem is, I've found out that as soon as I get up and around, the house usually looks like 5 kids have gotten ahold of it, forgotten they don't live in a barn/pigsty/land fill, and left it to it's own demise. Poor Daddy- such a trooper, I'm pretty sure that HE'S the one that should get all the compassion for these kidney stones, they give him a HECK of a lot more trouble than they do me (and he gets NO medication).

So, as I was saying before I totally got off track...I'm sitting here at home trying to figure out what to do...should do, that is...I SHOULD:

-figure out why the basement smells this way
-find where all of my cups and spoons have disappeared to
-confiscate all of our books that Enoch has stashed under his bed (and in the ceiling and in the mattress, and under the bathroom sink, and in the cubby where the wall used to be, etc.)
-find my other 26 pairs of tweezers in the house
-put away all the clothes that are clean before I forget which one is which and have to wash them all over again because they got mixed together
-put all of the outgrown clothes in one large tub (instead of 6 misc. cardboard boxes scattered around the room
-do some more rearranging on the school books/room/stuff
-find my bedroom floor again
-update my blog...OH WAIT! CHECK!
-sit outside and enjoy a quiet evening alone (just me and the skeeters)
-try and figure out what exactly it IS that is stuck in the carpet

and then of course there's the: bake a cake, make my bed, Febreeze my house, all those things normal people do....

So what did I spend 1.5 hours of my time doing? Playing the WII playground game. I'm almost too ashamed to hold my head up. I haven't let the kids play in ages, and am usually on their case when they do get to play for being on for more than 20 minutes. So, if you could, let's just keep this between the two of us. I'll try and get to the rest of that stuff before you come over to visit (just make sure you give me a good week's notice)!

(By the way, I kicked butt on the Playground game.)