Monday, October 22, 2007

A Big Load of Crap

Yeah, yeah, I's been forever again.....blah...blah....

So, just the other day (really, it was quite a few weeks ago), we got the chance to visit a good friend of ours in the Branch- Robin. She lives on a "REAL LIVE FARM" as Aidan and Kate called it. She let us come over and "farmer" around for a bit. It was probably the world's best day, ranking right up there with Disneyworld. The kids got to play with her two beautiful dogs (one was a sheltie- a definate reincarnation of Kate's Elvis dog). We also got to sweep out the goat pen and put down bedding for them for the winter. The kids were eating it up, every moment better than the next. We also got to check the chicken coop for eggs (yep! They had some all ready for us!), and climb all over her giant hay stack. Robin was brave enough to hop on up there, I, on the other hand, chose to stay on solid ground to catch any falling Hepworths (or Nessels). The kids also got to mix together the medicine mixture for the horses and hold onto their lead while waiting. They all agreed that trying to keep hold of a giant horse was a TON easier than trying to keep hold of a 2 year old little girl. The two funest moments though: They got to milk a REAL GOAT!!! (And their Mom actually got sprayed in the mouth with milk!!) They even had a tall glass of cold goat's milk. Everyone was a little leary, but good 'ole Ava sucked down most of what everyone else didn't finish! Then, came the best of the best. Poop. Not just a bit, thought, LOTS of it- EVERYWHERE!! And they got to SHOVEL IT!!! They fought over who would get the biggest shovel, and who would get to shovel first, and they'd yell at each other if someone shoveled more than they were allowed. Yes. Horse Poo. I've never seen Kate and Aidan work so hard in my entire life. I've thought about going back to Robin's each week, loading the van up with horse manure, spreading it all around the house, leaving out some shovels, and hope that it's as much fun here as it was there. It may be the only way to get our home clean on a regular basis!