Saturday, June 16, 2007

Call our house Krypton

Don’t tell him I noticed, but I think Superman is getting a little thin on top, if you know what I mean.

They put this big, crazy looking superguy up on the movie screen, and TELL you he’s superman, but that’s not the real one. The real one lives at our house. His supersuit is hidden deep beneath the day to day uniform of slacks and a shirt. He doesn’t fly as much as he used to, but he is still able to save the world, one child at a time. In fact, just last month, Superman was able to get four children ready for church- on time and by himself. Still faster than a speeding bullet. And although he doesn’t leap tall buildings in a single bound anymore, he still manages to get around the heaped up piles of laundry in our house without breaking a leg. Another impossible feat that the “so-called” movie superman could never do.

The real Superman can: manage to work 40 hours, give a blessing to everyone who calls during the week, do the dishes, fix the cars, mow the grass, attend his meetings, ride his bike, answer at least 50 questions a day on why things smell/look/work the way they do, snuggle with snugglers, read with the readers, bathe the stinky ones, change the messy ones, comfort the crying ones, calm down the screaming ones, and still give his wife a kiss at the end of the night and tell her that he loves her.

That Superman on the big screen? What a fake. Superman lives at our house.

Another Katie Joke-just in time for Dad's Day

Scott comes into the house after using his new Father's Day grill and tells me that I may not let him cook hotdogs on it anymore because 4 of them fell off. I asked him if he put any more on and he said yes. He went into the kitchen, and Katie turns to me and says, "Don't tell Daddy, but- 'I hope you put more on, moron'." I absolutely lost it!! And from the other room Scott says- "Iheard that!- It's funny, but I heard that."

Ahhhh the love of a daughter for her father- priceless.