Thursday, May 27, 2010

Some Crappy Dough

Last year (right before Christmas time) we decided to make some of our favorite "Christmas Cookies"- Pfefferneuse or Peppernuts. We put a bunch of dough, roll them out snake-style and chop off little pieces. They turn out like little mini marshmellow sized cookies that you pop in your mouth by the handful. Well, we had apparently been sniffing the pepper in the dough too long, because the dough started to change us at least. That's when Enoch sculpted the 'pile' you see in the above picture. Daddy wasn't home yet, and knowing what a "fan" (NOT) he is of dogs anyway, we decided to play a practical joke on him. Enoch took his giant sculpted mound of dog poop and placed it carefully on Daddy's pillow. Oh, yes, his pillow. We put some cleaner with a bunch of wadded up paper towels all around so it looked liked the kids had tried cleaning it. Then we (impatiently) waitied- Kate poised behind the dirty laundry basket ready to videotape. Unfortunately, all of us awaiting Daddy's arrival and his huge welcome home (along with Ava trying to tug him into the bedroom) kind of gave us away. But, it was a fun evening nonetheless!

Boredom at our house is NEVER an option!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Army of Helaman

Asked all the youth to pose with their muscles for a bulletin board we're doing this month. My stick fragment of a son gets up there and strikes a pose. He must be a leftover from the Army of Helaman with those muscles!! That must be to fight the girls off with.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

All Sticky Clean

As we were driving home after a long afternoon, Ava was enjoying her happy meal, eating ferociously because she can't play with the Barbie toy until after she has finished. She finally finishes, but apparently her hands were too dirty to play with the nice new toy so she asks if I have a napkin. I pass her back a napkin and she says "Nooo. A WET one. To clean my hands off with." "Sorry, sweetie," I replied, "all we have are these napkins." "Oh. Well, that's okay." she kindly responds. Seconds later I hear a dripping sound and turn to witness my daughter pulling her entire napkin out of her chocolate milk container and WASHING HER HANDS WITH IT!!!" "WHAT"?!!" I yell, "You can't DO THAT!!" "Why not?" she innocently asks, continuing to thoroughly (and I mean THOROUGHLY) wash her hands- front, back, even between her fingers. "It's wet." she says. "It's CHOCOLATE MILK!!" I continue. "So?" she answers. "You need CLEAN W-A-T-E-R to wash your hands off with!!" What kind of idiots am I raising here? "Oh. Okay." she quickly replies, and licks her hands off. Oh yeah. Just another day.

"Amazing Grace" Part duex

Since I can't remember where I left off, and I'm too lazy to open another window, open another blog, and check...we'll just jump forward a bit.

We all had tickets to see Tim Hawkins perform that night (absolutely HILARIOUS- check him out on youtube!), and we ended up meeting there about an hour and a half before the show was to begin. Enoch asked if he could go wandering around, and I said that it would be fine. Actually, I had an ulterior motive. Enoch had been dressing fancy, showering each morning, putting on new socks and...other stuff, wearing know. Stuff you always ask and dream of a teen-age boy doing, but never actually SEE done. So, I had plans to go through his bookbag. As soon as he was out of sight, I pillaged away. I took out his notebook and flipped through-nothing, then I started unzipping pockets, and here is what I find: a toothbrush, toothpaste, a comb, deoderant, and there might have been a little bottle of cologne in there. Of course, I knew immediately what was up. As soon as Enoch returned I asked, "What's her name?" He just gave me that goofy "I'm lying" grin and said "What?". I said, "I just looked through your backpack and your 'clean routine' coupled with a backpack full of hygeine potions totally gives you away. What's her name?" "I don't know what you're talking about" he says with the same lying grin on his face. "What's she wearing?" Kate asks. "Yesterday or today?" he immediately responds. Busted. Turns out her name is Grace (thanks to a nosy little sister who went up and asked her), and I will forever thank her for turning my young man onto the sweet-smelling road of proper hygeine.

Saturday, May 01, 2010

The Third Time's a CHARM

Can you believe this?!! I was able to talk to Elder Petmecky this morning!! He CALLED ME!! We talked about our families (they have 5 kids and HOMESCHOOL ALSO!!), and about some of the other missionaries. He mentioned that he had seen Elder Winterholler's phone number online, so when we were done talking I tried to look him up. I was able to find a phone number for a Jody Winterholler (his name), but the number was disconnected. I called information and left messages with two other people in the same small town of Gillette, WY asking if they were related to please give me a call back.

Have I mentioned how much I love this gospel!?!