Sunday, July 09, 2006

Mia's 10 top buty secrets for girls

No, I didn't misspell. I've been so busy, I don't have time to blog. But, lucky you! I came across one of Amelia's many self-made magazines, and this is one of the pages, misspellings and all:

Mia's 10 top buty secrets for girls
1. allway's were scarve around your nek or waist.
2. allway's were earring's that mach your outfits.
3. were you...Don't try to be in the "Gang" if you're a girly-girl were a pink dress
4. were confotable cloths
5. were confortable shoes
6. were neaklazes
7. were bra celets
8. were rings
9. were nailpolish
10. were sunglasses (if you can)

There you have it!! Perhaps that's why I'm lacking in the 'buty' department. I don't have enough bra celets.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Crawl on in!

Once again, I'm trying to attach a picture to this. I'm not sure why I keep trying. Probably the same reason my kids keep asking for a horse- just maaaaaybe.

Sorry that today's blog will be a little 'all over the place', but after a long hard day, I just can't seem to get them neatly organized (or get anything neatly organized, for that matter).

- Aidan decided to buy the game, Operation, with his birthday money that grandma sent him yesterday (can you believe he actually made it to 5!? I thought if something else didn't get him, I might have!). So, we took the game out of the box, and I'm noticing that here is a picture of this TOTALLY NAKED man lying on the operating table. Of course, because his belly hangs over, it's still considered modest. Then I realize that it looks a lot like me!! What a horrific thought!! I have turned into the Operation guy! Granted, he's cleavage-less, but, all the same. Which, in turn, got me to wondering how long I can claim 'this is baby fat'. I'm hoping it's sometime into their teens. At least that's how long I'M claiming it for!!

- I'm so glad that my kids don't know any of the "popular music" that their friends do. I just listen to some of the lyrics and cringe. I keep them supplied with plenty of entertaining kids songs (like: Dead Skunk In The Middle of the Road, Pea's Make Me Vomit, and The Stale Cigar Song). As far as they're concerned, 'Oops, I did it again', still refers to the drops on the toilet seat.

- What is that stench that crawls on kids and dies there when they play outside? Our kids were running around at a friends house, and Aidan comes and sits on my lap to rest his head on me. I ask him if he's been playing in the hose, and he replies, 'no.'. That lovely stream of water dripping down my shirt is good 'ole nasty boy sweat. Then I realize that awful smell. I can't imagine why we wouldn't bottle it up somehow to use in germ-warfare. Or just, gross-out warfare. Surely, you could clear an entire city just trying to get away from it. On our way home, we loaded all 3 balls of ick into our van (and 1 sweet smelling baby), and had to keep the air blowing so that none of it settled and accidentally ignited. A few bottle of comet and bleach, and they were as good as new. (Just kidding. SOS pad scrubbers work well, though.)

More crawling into my mind later.