Friday, July 17, 2009

Accidental Truth

We were working on cleaning up downstairs, when Ava came up to me, her underpants drooping around her ankles, and said "I went to the potty on the floor in front of the toilet on purpose." And then just looked at me. Oooooookay. "Do you mean on accident?" I asked. "Um...hmmmm...yeah." she replied.

Sometimes the truth just happens to slip out.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Lock me up

I had a urology appointment today. I just can't seem to stay away from these people. Well, as usual, your first item of business is to do your business. In a cup, that is. So I go into the restroom...uh...finish....put my cup in the little smurf door, wash my hands and then try to get out of the bathroom. Yes, I said try. I had locked it, which seemed pretty natural to me. Apparently the lock wasn't working quite right. So, there I am standing at the door with my paper towel (not a snowball's chance in **** I would touch that doorknob with my bare hands) desperately trying to get out. It was SO bad I had to REMOVE the paper towel (of course I had to wash my hands again before I left) to get as much force as possible, but it just wasn't moving. I considered knocking on the door. Then I considered sticking my face through the smurf door to ask for help. Then I just sat back down on the toilet. Maybe they would just send someone in after me. Would they even notice I was gone? As if my life doesn't tend to be humiliating enough. After much prayer (I'm pretty sure people praying on toilets get moved near the top of the list in Heavenly Father's eyes), I tried several more times and finally got it opened. After washing my hands a few more times, I was finally free....kind of. Then I had to actually GO to my appointment. My 'bloodpressure is a little higher than normal', the nurse said. 'Have I been under any undue stress lately?' Quite recently, as a matter of fact.