Friday, December 30, 2011

Times they are a-changin'

Well, that's me!! About 75 pounds less than 9 months ago. (I look so happy because I'm at the library using the internet and trying to figure out how to get my computer camera to work without the help of my 10 year old.) I don't know if I've ever posted a picture of myself on here (at least not on purpose) so I thought it time to do so.  Speaking of time.....

Lot's of things seem to be changing around the Hepworth household lately:

Enoch- Enoch now has his student driver's license. Which basically means that Mom and Dad are daily praying for more patience. While at first he was driving too fast, now we're working on stopping slower, keeping both hands on the wheel, and doing more than one thing at a time (apparently, he tends to drift into oncoming lanes of traffic while going around curves because he's trying to make sure his dims are on. I've assured him that someone would rather be 'high-beamed' than in a head-on collision). He's also finishing up his college credits for two computer classes. He also received a 'cell-phone' of sorts. Think as basic as possible, make it a pay-as-you-go-and-as-long-as-your-work-is-done plan, no pics, no internet, and Mom has access to everything and everyone you call and text. Now you get a little better picture. He wrote out the rules loooong before we got him a phone, and we gave it to him for his 16th birthday.  On the home homeschool front...well, let's not talk about that.....

Amelia- Well, she's stopped surpassing Enoch in height this year. I don't know if she cares very much, but I'm certain Enoch does! She started attending dances this year and usually ends up on the dance floor for at least SOME of the dances (thanks to Enoch and other friends). Her and Mom now share jewelry and some clothes (and in just a few more months, none of MY clothes OR HERS will ever be safe from each other AGAIN!! Good thing we have a lot of the same tastes). One thing she DID pass me up on was shoe size, however. She's also been babysitting for the neighbors, which has thrown Ava into a bit of a tailspin (having to give up HER Mimi to her best friend at times). Mimi's loving the cash, however.

Kate- or as she's changed it to: Kayte. She's still producing "The Messed-Up Bulletin" for the missionaries every Sunday. Has for a couple of years now. She takes the 'normal' Sunday bulletin (provided that we have one) and writes notes all over it from the speakers, then some other stuff, and gives a copy to the current set of missionaries every week. Some AWESOME missionaries tend to write messed-up ones back to her, which she saves. We're going to start photocopying them before she hands them over so we can keep a 'journal' of them. Some are pretty clever. I think this year Ka(y)te has discovered her niche in life- WRITING. She has done some very impressive things, and the more I read of her writing, the more encouraged I am that she won't have to spend the remainder of her life in therapy. To put all of her amazing talent to good use, we presented her with her own blog this year: 
I hope she'll enjoy it. She was stumped for some starting topics, so I found a list for her; but, let's face it Like me, she'll learn that the everyday is the best place for the funniest stuff. Speaking of funny....

Aidan- I don't think Aidan had to be hospitalized ONCE this year, although he will have to go down to Indy early this year to help with his old tube site. After 2 1/2 years, his feeding tube site STILL looks horrible and nothing we or the doctors up here seem to do is helping it. We'll be seeing some DIFFERENT pediatric specialists that will hopefully be able to 'fix it'. He has become our engineer of the family. If something (particularly electronic) isn't working- he's our go-to guy. Scott couldn't even figure out how to hook up our old camcorder (which we lost the cord AND had no batteries to) to watch some of our old tapes on our tv, so we just set it aside. Lo and behold, later the next afternoon, Aidan has it hooked up to the tv and working like a charm!! He's got a lot of his Daddy in him. Now, if only Daddy would let him get a hold of his soldering iron!

Ava- probably the best thing that Ava has done this year is learn to READ!! But, unlike our others, she prefers reading cookbooks, craft books, paper books, how-to books. She's all about big bright pictures and lots of lists She LOVES reading lists. Typical Aspie. Speaking of her Asperger's- she still flaps, and while during the summer it seemed to explode in length and strength she also started adding facial tics We're grateful that the flapping has diminished quite a bit, but whenever she's concentrating on something, or even just doing something she enjoys, she'll make some strange faces and have repetitive movement in other parts of her body. While this would be EXTREMELY disruptive in a classroom sort of setting, I'm once again grateful for the opportunity we have to homeschool where it's not a problem.  The REAL problem?  The constant singing.....not to ME, of course, but to the other siblings in the house. (Hence, a VERY thoughtful set of parents purchased headphones for them for Christmas) She sings EVERYTHING ... ALL THE TIME.  Just last night she asked me how people became 'singing people' on the radio. I gave her a very basic run-down, but her greatest concern was that she wanted to sing her OWN MADE-UP songs. Not what someone else tells her to sing. No problem, I told her. Then she asked about TV.  I told her that they were all really computer-generated and real living humans couldn't be on tv or in the movies. I think that will hold least for a few more years.  (Yes sweetie, Justin Bieber IS a cyborg.)

Mom and Dad? Well, I'm losing weight (and my mind- all at the same time!) and trying to figure out homeschooling for the 5th year in a row (you'd think I'd have it by now..but, no I'm beginning to think I will NEVER have it. Or that there's nothing to have!) I'm the Young Women president of the Kendallville Branch and I just might go inactive if they ever call me away from that. I LOVE this calling and I LOVE the girls. (Here's a little funny: One of the boys one of the YW is/was dating was saying trashy icky inappropriate things, so I pulled him into the coat closet and threatened him.  Just a little. Well....maybe a little more than a little. Bodily harm? Check. Death? Check. Calling his parents/bishop/stake president? Check. Make his life a living hell? Check. Haunting him? Check. Let's just say it contained a little of everything a good 'talking to' should. I can tell you one thing, though. THIS particular 'young man' will NEVER touch one of MY young women.  
Dad is still at I-Span where they're getting ready to move into an actual building!! This after the company saw one of it's worst years ever. We were grateful he was able to weather the storm and still has a job through it all. We are praying for the company to TAKE OFF!!! In a good way, of course. Scott's still the Scout Master and hasn't managed to kill, or be killed BY any of his boys yet (and if you knew some of these boys, you'd know what a miracle that was!). We're getting ready to finish our basement this spring (ASAP since it was supposed to be done TWO YEARS ago!!) and are taking ANY AND ALL volunteers. Our money will be tight, but we're hoping our friends will be plentiful!

Well, I'm not sure how often I'll update. We're dropping our current Internet Provider for being idiots (more on that later, perhaps), so we'll be on the Public Library Internet until we secure other means. I'm going to make a resolution to post AT LEAST ONCE every 10 days. In other words, to not EVER (this coming year '12) let MORE than 10 days go by without you hearing from us. HOWEVER, I get let off the hook for 1) vacations lasting longer than a week 2) hospitalizations lasting longer than 4 days or 3) laundry piled more than 8 feet high.  Okay, maybe not #3. That's practically every week.

It's been great talking to you again. Keep checking in on Kayte, and give her some good encouragement. We love you all!