Thursday, May 27, 2010

Some Crappy Dough

Last year (right before Christmas time) we decided to make some of our favorite "Christmas Cookies"- Pfefferneuse or Peppernuts. We put a bunch of dough, roll them out snake-style and chop off little pieces. They turn out like little mini marshmellow sized cookies that you pop in your mouth by the handful. Well, we had apparently been sniffing the pepper in the dough too long, because the dough started to change us at least. That's when Enoch sculpted the 'pile' you see in the above picture. Daddy wasn't home yet, and knowing what a "fan" (NOT) he is of dogs anyway, we decided to play a practical joke on him. Enoch took his giant sculpted mound of dog poop and placed it carefully on Daddy's pillow. Oh, yes, his pillow. We put some cleaner with a bunch of wadded up paper towels all around so it looked liked the kids had tried cleaning it. Then we (impatiently) waitied- Kate poised behind the dirty laundry basket ready to videotape. Unfortunately, all of us awaiting Daddy's arrival and his huge welcome home (along with Ava trying to tug him into the bedroom) kind of gave us away. But, it was a fun evening nonetheless!

Boredom at our house is NEVER an option!

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