Saturday, May 08, 2010

All Sticky Clean

As we were driving home after a long afternoon, Ava was enjoying her happy meal, eating ferociously because she can't play with the Barbie toy until after she has finished. She finally finishes, but apparently her hands were too dirty to play with the nice new toy so she asks if I have a napkin. I pass her back a napkin and she says "Nooo. A WET one. To clean my hands off with." "Sorry, sweetie," I replied, "all we have are these napkins." "Oh. Well, that's okay." she kindly responds. Seconds later I hear a dripping sound and turn to witness my daughter pulling her entire napkin out of her chocolate milk container and WASHING HER HANDS WITH IT!!!" "WHAT"?!!" I yell, "You can't DO THAT!!" "Why not?" she innocently asks, continuing to thoroughly (and I mean THOROUGHLY) wash her hands- front, back, even between her fingers. "It's wet." she says. "It's CHOCOLATE MILK!!" I continue. "So?" she answers. "You need CLEAN W-A-T-E-R to wash your hands off with!!" What kind of idiots am I raising here? "Oh. Okay." she quickly replies, and licks her hands off. Oh yeah. Just another day.

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