Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Floor and more

Well, here they are! The "Before" and "After" pictures of our floor. Unfortunately, they aren't the best pictures due to some lighting issues, but hopefully that will be resolved soon! We are finding little paper pieces of the black tar stuff EVERYWHERE! Even in Ava's diaper. Fortunately, I think it was stuffed down there, and not passed TO there.

Monday was a marathon day in the Hepworth house! 5 eye appointments, 1 dentist appointment, a shopping trip, a dollar store trip, and EVERYONE LIVED!! I even had HAIR left by the time I got home! GOOD FOR ME!!

Well, found out a new quirk about Aidan (as if he needs more)- turns out he's color "deficient" (the new term for color blindness that isn't TOTAL color blindness). He can't tell the difference in color variations, and has a hard time between his reds/greens. He can tell the difference between a green sheet of paper and red sheet of paper, but when they do the little color bubble test, that have the numbers in them, he can't see them. Wow! That may explain why his favorite color is pink! Or maybe that's just wishful thinking!

Kate got her spacer in at the dentist. It anchors one molar, up and over(or would it be considered under?) the roof of her mouth, to the other molar, to keep it from moving forward where they had to pull her two molars. She's trying desperately not to "eat" anything using her molars or the roof of her mouth, and it's quite entertaining to watch. She does very well with mandarin oranges. Just sticks them in her mouth and lets them slide down the back of her throat. My, how attractive.

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