Monday, April 23, 2007

My "Bat" Man

After putting the kids to bed the other night (Kate and Enoch in our room, Mia and Aidan in the library), I was holding Ava and talking to Scott about something, when, right in front of me, comes this huge flying thing! I scream, and Scott hits the floor (my brave protector). It flew into our room, where Kate nearly shattered every window with her scream (if she sees an ant, she'll scream so loud you can hear it across the street, if that helps you picture the ear-piercing scream a LARGE object would create). Enoch came running out of the bedroom, screaming like a girl (a NORMAL girl scream, not like Kate's), which of course got Amelia and Aidan screaming THEIR heads off, although they didn't know WHY, yet. Well, it wasn't a bird, and from the title, surely you've guessed that count dracula paid us a visit in his flying form (at least that's what Enoch tried to convince the others). I grabbed the camera, Scott grabbed a laundry basket, and the kids grabbed each other. Ava, on the other hand, just roamed the house, hoping someone had left her a morsel of cookie somewhere. The kids were convinced she would be maimed and killed, and Scott kept repeating that it might have rabies (thanks for calming the kids down, Scott), as for me, I just wanted a really good picture of it. Hey! Hopefully, we won't get this chance very often! Scott kept yelling at me to get the stepstool so he could catch it (it had attached itself to the ceiling vent), while I kept yelling that I needed to get another picture because he wasn't smiling in the last one. Needless to say, Scott was not amused. We caught it in the laundry basket, and took it outside where it flew off (and probably right back into our house again).

Just another night at the Hepworth's!!

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