Friday, April 30, 2010


My search for one has ENDED and a new friendship is about to BEGIN!!!

For years I have searched for the missionaries who brought the gospel into our lives. Way back (in the caveman days) Elder Niemann, Elder Petmeckay, Elder Berrego, and Elder Winterholler came into our home and left a eternal lifetime of blessings. I have searched high and low, and finally found Elder Niemann!! The kids and I were digging through buckets (a favorite past-time) and came across a stack of photo's that included a wedding invitation to Janet Hales and Aaron B. Niemann's reception, a pre-missionary picture of him (with the inscription on the back reading: "This is me 5 days before coming on my mission. I had my hair wet and if fell all over. I was trying to look like a missionary. I'm 19 years old here."- see above photograph), and a picture of Elder Niemann with his beautiful wife and new baby girl. All of these were held together with one of his old missionary tags. Taking a time-out, we went into the computer room to see if we could look him or his family up on facebook. We found some generic non-photo possibilities, but it wasn't looking very promising. I then tried 'Google-ing' his full name, and lo-and-behold, up comes his name with a Utah address and phone number. By this time the girls and I are wiggling with anticipation and excitement as I quickly dialed up the number. As the phone was ringing a million thoughts ran through my mind: what if he isn't alive anymore?, what if he completely apostisized from the church?...Just then a woman answered the phone, "Hello".....oh man, what am I doing? "Uhhh. Is Aaron Niemann there?"...."No, he's not."....what am I DOING? "Uhhhh...Is his wife named Janet?"...oh CRAP! What if he's divorced, or widowed?...What if I have the wrong number?...."Yes, it is."....could this possibly be????..."Uhhhh....Could I talk to her?"....really?....REALLY? YES!!!! REALLY!!! Janet and I talked and tears were in my eyes. I couldn't believe I finally found him! Unfortunately he was still at work, but my kids and I are sitting on top of the phone, waiting for his call.

I just love apple seeds.

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