Sunday, March 10, 2013

Mimi's 16th Birthday- In Her Own Words

Hello everyone! Amelia here(16 year-old Amelia, thank you very much). I just had THE BEST 16th birthday ever! 
 Ava woke me up at about 8:15am (my plan was to sleep in until around 10-ish) with a wonderful gift-breakfast in bed! 3 frozen toaster strudels ( I like mine that way) and an extremely full glass of milk was the perfect start to my day.
 Right after I had my shower and finished off my breakfast my mom told me to put on my prom dress. Now, for the past week or so my family and neighbor, Tabitha have been acting very strange. I knew it was about my birthday but I had no idea what was planned. After I was in my dress and my hair and make-up was done (which turned out to be pointless, but I'll explain that later) we(Me,Mom, Kayte. and Ava) hopped in the car and left. Of course I was still clueless.Our first stop was at subway so we could get lunch and drop it off at dad's work                 
  After that my mom asked me where I wanted to go for lunch. We all decided on Banditos (free birthday meal and they sing to you). When we walked in, the lady at the front asked if we had just gotten back from a wedding.
Once we were seated and had given our orders another group comes in and is seated right next. There were 2 moms, one with 7 kids and the other with 4. 2 of the little girls were just fascinated by us. Probably by the dresses and the fact that the staff came to sing to me. Speaking of which, I think it was very kind of them to make sure that they got the cute waiter to come out and sing with them.
 After Banditos we headed out. Of course I still had no idea where we were going.
 Well we ended up at Macy's! I knew exactly what we were going to do when we ended at the make-up section. We were getting make-overs!!! The lady who did our(Kaytes and mine) make-up was AMAZING! Her name was Gabriella. She was beautiful and super nice. We had a great time and Kayte even got her make-up done( a once in a lifetime thing for her) and Ava got a little lipgloss as well.
 After a couple other stops we headed home. Once at home my mom told me to change into a more casual out fit and to eat a quick dinner because Tabitha was going to take me somewhere.
 First stop: a nail salon. Before then I have never had my nails done professionally. It was fun. I got them painted gold with a cute little design on then.
Last stop: The movies! Tabitha took me to see Safe Haven. A wonderful movie(but only if you are into chick flicks)! After I got home I opened my last few gifts. and went to bed. It was an awesome day! 
 Friday evening we had my birthday dinner and cake. We invited a couple people(Laura Zollman and her kids and Brock Wallace) over to have dinner, cake and to watch my last gift. Enoch, Daddy and the rest of my family made a little slideshow/movie with a bunch of pictures of me and some of my favorite songs.
 Of course it wouldn't be a birthday without my birthday talk in church(a 5-year tradition. so far anyway).
                                                 The girls and daddy.
                                               After my make-up was done.
                                         After our make-up was done.
                                              Me, Gabriella, Kayte
  Thank you to everyone who made my birthday so amazing!


Anonymous said...

Glad you had such a WONDERFUL,and MEMORABLE 16th birthday Mimi. You all look gorgeous!
PS- will you all be attending Oscar Night? I would love to see you wear that then- the color is FABULOUS on you! If you are, your mom needs to respond by the 15th! hope to see you soon.xoxoxo

Cherie and Jeff said...

WOW!!! You look so grown up!!! You are a beautiful girl. Thanks so much for sharing your day with us. It was great to see you and Enoch at the church yesterday, Friday. We miss you all.
Hugs and a late Happy Birthday wish to you. Hugs