Thursday, March 15, 2007

What's in YOUR wallet (or pocket)?

While picking up Enoch's jeans from the floor, I noticed they weigh about 5 lbs more than HE does. I went digging (and digging, and digging) through his pockets and here is what I found:

1 tube of Snow White chapstick

7 Yu-Gi-Oh cards

1 tube of medicated Blistex

1 post-it note (folded 4 times) revealing a girls drawing of balloon hearts

1 bright orange piece of scrap paper, crumpled up, with the equation 16 x 7 = 112

1 postcard sized piece of cardstock with the beginning drawing of a very nice bird, on the flip side it appears to be crumbs from a million candy bars

A cut-out advertisement for 50% off "Dew Drop" Roses Stems (Reg. $.99)

A pair of fingernail clippers (that we have been looking for for weeks now)

Two medium sized stones

3 heavy metal washers (the circle kind, not the kind you put clothes in- although judging by the weight of his jeans, I wouldn't have been surprised to find that in there as well)

1 blue crayon,oh, pardon me, it's cerulean

1/2 of a watch band

A scout belt loop for archery (no doubt to impress others with)

7 cut-out pictures of various types of jewelry hearts

2 jolly rancher wrappers

1 part of a candy bar wrapper

1 EXTREMELY heavy gold metal type (although Enoch tells me that the friend he traded with assures him it is pure gold) Pokemon card

A folded magazine page advertising a Colts Sports Watch for only three monthly installments of $35!!

A folded magazine page advertising the Complete 8-Coin Year Set of Uncirculated Golden Dollars- Limited Availability! Act Now!!

His wallet (Scott's old eel skin wallet), which contains:

A note from Dakota to Brooke saying, "Brooke, No, I don't like Ashley anymore. She's trying to blame everything that happend (sic) yesterday on me. Randy is always weird. love, Dakota";

A post-it note with some book recommendations from the lady that works at the bookstore- Author, TA Barron- The Lost of Merlin & The Great of Avalon;

Another post-it with more book recommendations- Author R.A. Salvatore- Homeland, Exile, & Sojurn (3 different books);

A "love note" written on black space paper with a white crayon that reads: "To: My Sweet heart, You take me out of my world. XOXO, Tori" On the back is drawn in red crayon a pair of lips and a heart with an arrow through it. The paper has been folded and unfolded so many times, it's falling apart.

A note folded into a teeny tiny square, hidden deep inside the wallet from Enoch that says, "Tori, would you get mad if I don't go out with you for five years?" To which she replied, "no, it's not your falt (sic)."

Another teeny tiny square, hidden equally as well that reads, "It's ok. I'll wait for (picture of a heart) U (picture of a heart)"

Another post-it note tucked away. One side reads, "Did you hear what happend (sic)? Circle on Yes No " with the "No" circled. The other side reads, in what appears to be Enoch's handwriting, "Don't kill Austin, pleas (sic)! Well then ask him if we can be friends"

A pink post-it folded along with the last one that reads (not in Enoch's handwriting) "ask her back out" to which Enoch replied "No." then the word "Why"

Two nickles and two pennies

So, let my kids be warned: If it's laying around (or hidden where you think I'll never find it) you better believe I'm going to read it.

So, what's in YOUR wallet?

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Miss. Nic said...

Lol, that's funny! Hmm. What's in my wallet? gift cards I don't use.. :) Oh, & why does it say (sic)?? Just wondering, cause it' kind of threw me off track!

love ya!!