Monday, January 14, 2008

Feeling Overwhelmed

I hope my Moms won't mind me sharing this with you. It's a poem I wrote with both of them in mind. My Mom is always doing for others, and has taught me the great importance of service and giving- unfortunately, we sometimes forget the exhaustion and feelings of 'Is it worth it?-Did it matter?'. My "other Mother" (my husband's Mom), is sometimes so involved in so many Church callings that I wonder how she ever manages to get up in the morning. And yet, get up she does. With a smile on her face, and a willing heart. And yet, I see the question in her face, too- 'Can I really do this?-Will He hold me up?'.

The answer is He will, and He does.

These two women will never be on pedestals, and yet, no two people deserve to be on one more. The world would be a better place if everyone could reflect their selfless love and service for others. God could always use extra hands.


The phone just rang, I sit and stare
I wonder now who needs me where?
It's Anna and her cat just died-
I sat and listened while she cried.

I picked up Sister Clonskies boy
(who just threw up on Tommy's toys).
I organized six funerals,
It only took 400 calls.

I sat and rocked the nursery kids,
Because their teacher ran and hid,
I've organized my food supply,
Delivered 14 apple pies,

I've checked each sister that I visit,
(Even one who went to prison),
Served until my bones all creak,
Postponed my meals so others can eat.

Exhausted now, I end my day
And kneel beside my bed to pray.
Instantly, I fall asleep
(The spirit's willing, flesh is weak)

When seized upon by warmth and grace
I look toward a loving face.
And then He speaks those words I know
Will travel with me when I go-

"My dearest child, you're weary,
You've lent to me your hands.
Sometimes there aren't enough on earth
To keep up the demand.
But, see your priceless actions
As a beacon to the world,
For when they see your selflessness
They'll hearken to My Word.
And though your hands are calloused,
And pained from all you do
You touch the one's I cannot reach,
You keep them in My view.
My hands and heart can reach the ones
Who look to find Me there,
But others who've been overcome
Choose other paths to wear.
So when these tasks begin to seem
To take upon your life,
Just look to Me, I'll hold you close
And lift you to the light.
Forever I'll be grateful
That you saw each child of Mine
As worthy to receive My love
Through your hands, divine."

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