Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Move #19 / Temporary Insanity

Maybe the insanity isn't so temporary after all!

Well, the time is finally here! We have spent the last 8 years waiting for "Heavenly Father to get our home ready" as Kate would say, and now, only 19 moves later, we'll be in our home on July 26th. If the kids all make it there alive, that is. I should know by now that it's pointless to pack anytime prior to 48 hours before the actual move. I'm pretty sure I've packed some of the same boxes more than 5 TIMES!! Ava seems to think that each packed box is a present for her, and, therefore, must open and unpack it as quickly as possible. She is very good at it, in fact.

The only sad thing about the house is that the swing set that Ava obsesses over when we visit there (and that they promised to keep) is gone. I don't want to even think of the look on her face when she sees it's gone. She never takes time to even look at the house, just heads straight for the backyard to swing and slide. We are keeping our fingers crossed that someone will have one on freecycle for us, but it's not looking good. :(

I know that I haven't kept up very well, and I'm here to say...It ain't gonna get much better. With the move and general chaos of our lives, we will try and post again as soon as possible, until then

there's one last funny to share with you. Hopefully, this will keep you laughing for a while:

A few weeks ago, I was trying to get Ava to go to and STAY IN bed. Each time she would get out of bed and come crying to me, I would just stand up, say nothing, and put her back into bed. Around the 318th time, she comes out crying, and as soon as I stood up, she starts bawling "NOT AGAIN!!" and Ipick her up (holding back my laughter) and put her back in bed. A few minutes later...her she comes....sees me stand up...and starts crying "Not again!!!", all the way back to bed. After about 346 more times of this, I finally caught on, and as soon as I saw her round the corner, I cried out "NOT AGAIN!". She was a little stunned, but continued her plea as well. Eventually she fell asleep....but not before I did.

Take care!


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