Sunday, August 23, 2009

Aidan's Baptism

It's a little late coming (like a month and a half) but I'm FINALLY blogging about Aidan's baptism. Here's what happened in Aidan's words:

I remember that when I got baptized, I felt the spirit really strong. When I got in my white outfit I was really warm. We sang "I love to be baptized", "I love to see the temple", and "I'm trying to be like Jesus". While we were there we had to wait a little while because there wasn't a second witness. So we just waited until Brother Neilson came from his garage sale. Christy, Grandma, Grandpa, Brother Neilson, Sister Neilson, Star, Chris, Meghan, Micheal, Heather, Cayman, Malachi, and my family all came to my baptism. The funniest part was when I was taking my clothes off after my baptism I found a tick on my shoulder. That was probably a holy tick. That's all I remember.

In Mom's words:

My little boy's growing up! He looked like a giant white gumby...but a SPIRITUAL white gumby! Due to lack of communication between "someone" and "nobody" we didn't have enough priesthood to witness the baptism so we waited about an hour. Turned out to be perfect timing...we were able to have our closest friends be with us! We had a wonderful time.

4 down and dunked, 1 to go.


Cherie and Jeff said...

We were so excited to read about Aidans babtism. Please tell him we are so proud of him. We loved reading his take on his baptism and then mom's. You are a wonderful family. The pictures were awesome. Everyone has grown up so much. They probably don't remember us anymore. We will never forget them however.
Love you all alot and abunch.
Cherie and Jeff

Sam and Laura Zollman said...

Tanya, I am so sorry that we missed Aidan's baptism but I lovoed reading how it went.