Friday, August 14, 2009

New School Year

Well, it's only been a month since I last posted, guess it's time to update once goes....

We finally semi-finished setting up our school room (thanks to some very selfless sisters in our branch). We had an 'unofficial' school day (that lasted about 1 1/2 hours) then, and 'official' school day that lasted most of the day. If any of you are on facebook, you know a little of what went on that first morning, but for those of you who don't, here you go:

Everyone was up and dressed with their chores done by 9:30- we usually want it done by 9, but I won't be arguing on the first day of school. They had all of their school supplies set out and ready to go. We began with a prayer (that is always desperately needed), and then began our copy work. Ava works on letters to copy, Aidan and Kate have a paragraph (Kate's in cursive), Enoch and Amelia have two paragraphs that they have to complete in cursive. As soon as I mentioned the "C" word (cursive) to Enoch, I heard/felt this load rolling MOOOAAAANNNN. "I haaaaaa...I mean I can't staaaaand cursive!" We've been doing the same thing for a year, but apparently he's forgotten after having a few weeks off. Well, Aidan caught onto the groaning bug a little, but decided just to buck-up and do it anyway. While Kate and Amelia finished up their copywork, then math, then grammar, then reading...Aidan was trying to finish up his last sentence, and Enoch was....I have no idea WHAT Enoch was doing. Definately NOT his copywork. Aidan finally finished up and did his grammar and math as well. Enoch....well, Enoch was still just....not doing his copy work.

As I gathered Enoch, Amelia, Kate, Aidan, and Ava to go to the park, I asked Enoch how he was doing. He said he was just a few words from the end. It was now 12:30. Yes, folks- 3 1/2 HOURS to do two paragraphs. Unfortunately, he had to stay home to finish all of his other work.

I'm hoping that the coming school days will show a much greater improvement, or it's going to be a LOOOOOOOOOOONG school year!

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