Saturday, July 10, 2010

How Joey turned into 4 Girls

Well, Scott and I knew this time was coming. I guess we just didn't prepare for it well enough.

Enoch came home from either church or Wednesday night activity and went right to work cleaning up his room, doing his Zone chores, being, obviously, I realize he wants something. Turns out Joey invited him to see a movie this weekend, Friday to be exact. I told him I didn't mind as long as his chores were done and his talk was written for Sunday (he's speaking in Sacrament Meeting on the Atonement). Friday night rolled around, and everything was up to snuff...even snuffier than I required. So, after dinner I logged on to facebook, as I usually do, and see that there's another young lady from our church that's looking forward to going to the movies, as well. Coincident? I think NOT. I asked her where and what time, and of course, it's the same time and place that Enoch is going.

I turn to Enoch.."So, who's all going to see this movie?"

Enoch..."Ummmm..Joey just invited me....and (seeing who I'm talking to on facebook) maybe some other "kids" from church" --no eye contact, btw

Me: "And who would these other "people" be?"

Enoch: shifting from foot to foot...(y'know the pee-pee dance way)

Me: "How about ***** and *****" (some girls he may or may not have a crush on, names will remain nameless)

Enoch: "Oh, yeah. Well, uh, I guess...maybe....I don't exactly know who Joey invited."

Me: "Why don't you get on that little thing over there we call the telephone and find out who will all be there."

Enoch: " you have Joey's cell phone number" if....

Me: "nope, but here's his Dad's cell phone, give him a call. Daddy and I decided that for this not to be a 'date' of any kind, there must be an adult present."

Enoch: "oooh. uhhhh. okay. ummmmmmm.."

Enoch finally got ahold of Joey, who informed him that his Dad, would indeed, be joining them. Good thing, too. Turns out that 'going to the movies with Joey' was 'going to the movies with 4 girls...oh yeah..and Joey'.

If this wouldn't have been such an amusing exchange (with Kate cheering Enoch on the whole time), I would have been more angry at him for purposely misleading us. As it turns out, it's just more fuel for my blogging fire.

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Anonymous said...

I love kids...maybe he was just going with Joey, even tho there would be girls as well...hahaha. Gotta love em!
Hugs to you all.
Cherie and Jeff