Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The fourth time is just as charming

Well, our not-so-little girl just had her hair cut for the FOURTH time for locks of love. She has now donated over 52 inches of her beautiful curly red hair. She's suffering a little more from this one, but I don't think EITHER of us will miss the morning detangling issue- matts, ratts and all!

Ava saw how pampered Kate was getting and wanted to know when SHE would get to sit in one of 'those' chairs. (poor deprived child has always had Mom or Grandma cut her hair- at home! **collective gasp**) I told her that if she let her hair grow out until it was long enough, she could donate her hair to locks of love (because I'm certainly not going to shell out $35 for a haircut that I can do for free).

Hope you enjoy the pictures. She's beautiful inside and out.

(The pictures show the before and after of cuts # 1, 3, and 4. We only have an after of cut #2 (forgot to bring the camera! oops!)

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The Mom said...

Hey! Where the heck did all my other pictures go!??! I waited FOREVER for them to download. Grrrrr.