Thursday, August 12, 2010

THIS is what I've waited for?


Okay, so perhaps I'm just a taaaaad frustrated today.  We finally have our internet "working" for the first time in around 4-6 weeks (we'll see if that really continues). THEN, I finally get on here to update my blog, and everythings.....well....MESSED UP!!!  And I KNOW it wasn't me, 'cause I haven't even been in here for weeks.  I'd blame it on the kids, who make a mess of everything else,  but I don't think they even know how to get onto that leaves me to believe that the lovely "blogspot" has decided to 'tweak' things up to make them "better".  Okay, well in my uninformed condition, "better" officially sucks.

Okay, so that isn't even the power behind the angry frustration I've felt today, just another 'fly in the ointment' (which is a completely DISGUSTING phrase, by the way, and I don't even know if I'm using it correctly). Here is the main reason:

Doctors.  'nuff said.

Right, like I could leave it there.  Well:  I finally returned to our "million dollar question/answer guy" the NEPHROLOGIST.  This is who we have waited a year and dozens upon dozens of tests for, to give us a qualitative answer to 'Where the heck are all of these kidney stones coming from and How do we stop them'.  Are you ready for the million dollar answer (as if you couldn't guess by now):  His response (quoted) "Humprh.  Would you look at that.  Everything looks normal, in fact BETTER than normal.  Well....I wasn't really expecting that."  Really?  I was.  Okay, maybe not for certain, but it fits in with the way most of the other doctor's appointments go....and I could've told you that for about $25,000 cheaper.  He types on his computer for the next 8 hours...clickety-clack...clack...clack...clicket- clickety-clickety-clack....."Hrmph. Yep, there's your graph."  Thanks for showing me that, if I can make heads or tails of it....wait, yes, now I see....the lines are forming words....t.h..i..s....d..o..c..t.o..r....i.s....a..."As you can see," yes, I see clearly now..."everything looks just fine.   Well, I'm going to put you on this medicine anyway.  I was going to put you on it if your cratamakglfoikin counts were high, but they're just great.  Perfect, in fact.  But, let's go ahead and try this medication out anyway and see if it gets rid of any stones (oh yeah, and I'm getting a HUUUUGE vacation from the drug company for pushing this particular medication).  When would you like to come back?"  How about the day after Hell freezes over, doc?  Or when I feel like flushing another $25 bucks down the toilet......or perhaps when I feel like the 12 drugs a day that I'm taking are CLEARLY not enough for me, in fact, I ENJOY spending more on my meds each month than my family's entire grocery bill.  "3 months okay?  Go ahead and get some more blood work and another round of KUB's and sonogram before your next appointment.  Then we'll see where we're at."  I know exactly where I'll be.  On the brink of insanity, glowing from radiation, where I've been for a while now....

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Anonymous said...

SOOOOOOOOOO Frustrating!!! I am sorry...hope something lights a fire in some doctor so something can be determined...besides giving you meds to "try"!
Cherie Murphy