Thursday, September 23, 2010

My whopping weight loss

Whopping.  That reminds me of whoppers. Yummm.  Oh yeah, back to the topic.  Weight loss.
I've been walking for the past 4 1/2 weeks (minus the week I was in the hospital)- 2 miles each morning and at least 3 nights another 2 miles.  I've been watching what I've eaten (my latest meds have actually made my stomache sick, so I've REALLY cut down on what we've been eating).  We haven't eaten out at all, and my biggest splurge has been Flaxseed toast with strawberry jelly on it at 5:30 before I walk.  And for all my hard sweat and effort- 5 CRAPPY POUNDS!!  I guess it's better than 0 Crappy pounds, or even 4 crappy pounds, but I'm still very disappointed.  I was REALLY hoping to be able to make my quota by November so I can use the money for Christmas (and who know HOW long it will take once they receive the doctor's to actually MAIL OUT the check).  I'm totally bummed.


L i z a said...

Don't get discouraged, the first months are always the hardest ones.
Keep up the good work! Soon will be 10lbs and then 15 and 20......

Kath said...

Dont give up. The first 5 are the hardest!!! You have lost 5 more pounds than I have.