Saturday, January 15, 2011

Today's Lessons

Well, it's only been a million years since I've posted.  I've decided that I would post MUCH MORE often (and probably much more humorous and entertaining) if I has some fancy schmancy cell phone I could do it from immediately.  So, feel free to send your donations DIRECTLY to my house c/o ME.  I will see what I can do.  Until then....

People often (maybe not often enough) say "enjoy your kids", "they grow up too quickly", "you'll wish you had those years back".  You know what?  I think they are probably right.  Despite the daily (minutely, secondly) trials we may go through with and for our offspring, each day holds something beautiful for us, and another lesson that we can learn from them. I'm secretly hoping there is also a lesson that my children learn from me each day.  SO:  Not as a 'New Year's Resolution', mostly because it's not January 1st, and also because if it was I would have to give it up within 3 days, but JUST BECAUSE I feel the need to keep track for them and me: I am going to try REALLY HARD to write down the lessons I learn from my kids each day.  Or at least most days.  Certainly better than I have done in the past.  So, here goes:

What I learned from:

Enoch- Sometimes it really sucks to be the example.

Amelia- You don't always get a second chance, even if you didn't understand the rules.  Therefore: Listen Carefully the first time.  At the same time.  Not everyone's good at the same things.  Thank goodness.
Kate- Yes.  It is inevitable.  You will grow out of your favorite shirt.  Especially when you grow that fast.  No, you CANNOT keep wearing it.
Aidan- Just because you put like things together, does not mean they are put where they belong.

Ava- If you don't try the lima beans, you won't get dessert.  Very few new things kill people.

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Wendy said...

I tell myself everyday to enjoy the little things because Ben and Emma are growing way too fast!! Today I learned from Ben that if you play peek a boo while walking you will eventually bonk your head on something! From Emma I learned that if you sneeze just right when you have a cold you can blow the coolest booger bubble ever!!!

Such is my life!

Love you, my friend!