Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Another Hospital Trip

Wow! I actually did something on the computer that may work!! We'll see.
I'm not certain where exactly to begin. I really just hopped on to see if I could really start one of these. I guess it worked! I'll slowly introduce you to my life (trust me, it'd be like getting hit in the face with a bat if I gave it to you all at once). Tomorrow our 4 yr old has another trip to the hospital, so his surgeon can make sure his incision sites (from an appendectomy) are healing. One of them is infected pretty bad, and I know they'll have to re-open it. Sounds like it's going to be a barrel of laughs tomorrow!! who-pee. I'll try and introduce you more to my life tomorrow. At least I know I'll get a shower before 3pm since I have to leave for the hospital at 8am!

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Marlene said...

T. Your blogs entertained me for quite a while - Just what are you doing with those kids while your writting this? I know, closet door has locks! Judy is really enjoying Amelia - they are really looking forward to "garage sales" tomorrow. Hope all is well - hopefully will get to see you all when I'm out there. Love ya, Auntie M.