Saturday, April 29, 2006

Ten things I love

1. The smell of a baby right after a bath.
2. When a whole day goes by and the baby's diaper doesn't leak all over. Of course, if it does, I still get to look forward to the above mentioned #1.
3. Aidan's accent. Not certain where he picked it up, but I love to hear it. ("I hov a new botmon shot!" translation: I have a new batman shirt!)
4. Going garage saleing with Amelia, and watching her mull over things for an eternity, making certain that she comes home with something for everyone.
5. Getting books for Enoch at a garage sale and knowing that he will read all 30 of them in the next week.
6. Doing Kate's hair (when she's in a good mood).
7. I loved knowing that Scott was out with the boys last night bonding over an open fire. I also loved the smell of smoke when they got home (camp, not cigarette).
8. I love it when my kids hear someone say the word 'stupid', and they collectively say "OOOHHHHHH! That's a bad word!" I also love it when they interrupt any tv show or movie and point out everyone's immodest clothing (bet you never realized how immodest they are on Lawrence Welk!)
9. I love spending time with my grown-up girlfriends. Sometimes you need someone to talk to, someone to listen to, and someone just for YOU. Not someone who HAS to rely on you, but someone who CAN rely on you (and you, them).
10. I love that my husband sees things in me that I often forget are there. And I'm grateful that he overlooks the things that I know are there. I love that he loves me.

Have a great evening!

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