Friday, April 28, 2006

Girls' night out!

The boys are out of the house!!! I'm not sure who was more excited, Enoch or Mia and Kate. I think Scott and I were pretty equal, but after I snuggle down in my nice warm bed, and he hunkers down on the cold hard ground, I think I may have the better end of the stick, per se. Scott took Enoch and Aidan on the annual "Fathers and sons campout", even though this is only our second year. Since all of our camping stuff was lost in the mold house, they are sharing a tent with someone from the ward, and took a whole bunch of blankets and comforters. I hope it works for them! I'm sure they'll have a blast! We invited Mark and his boys (our neighbors/friends), but I got the feeling that Mark doesn't quite "do" camping. When I asked Toni if he wanted to go, she just laughed and told me I needed to ask him myself. Oh well. I imagine that they'll enjoy this WONDERFUL new hammock Toni picked up at a garage sale today- $30!!! It was in such great shape!! I think I may be getting someone else hooked on this. Does that make me the dealer, or the pimp?

Well, the girls and I decided that if they boys are away, we needed to play. So, we went to O'Charley's (kids eat free), then the Dollar movies (saw Aquamarine- no comment), then got some Dilly Bars from DQ. Quite the date night. A girls night out for 4 for under $20. Can't beat that. Okay, maybe microwave popcorn and the Princess Diaries (for the millionth time) at home with Ben&Jerry, but what fun would THAT be?

Well, I'm going to try and get to bed early- tomorrows a pretty big garage saleing day (5 different neighborhoods). I was out today from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm, and still have 2 1/2 neighborhoods I haven't been to!). I did find Scott a stereo for his car. We're really hoping it works. Thanks for listening!!

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