Monday, June 26, 2006

Tip of the iceburg

Okay, occasionally we find "tip of the iceburg" objects laying around our house. These are items that, inevitably, lead to much larger, greater 'issues' if you will. I thought I'd share some of our "tips of the iceburg" and let your imagination take you to the larger issues.

-the lid to a recently purchased (therefore full) bottle of super glue

-a trail of dirt and dead rolly-pollies

-trimmed (not shed) cat hair

-the eye to a baby doll

-an opened bottle of baby oil and baby powder (these two items DO NOT mix well, might I add)

-6 packing boxes, eight pillows, 3 blankets, and a baby gate propped against a doorway to "make sure Mom doesn't get in"

-an empty box of food coloring

-residual of cat litter, milk, and dawn dishwashing liquid in the bathtub

-a 4 year old who comes in, hugs you, and says, "I love you Mom"

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