Saturday, June 17, 2006

What was that?

Things overheard in the Hepworth house:

"One time, I liked Katie" -Aidan

"Can anyone nurse a baby?" -Amelia

"Mama!" -Ava

*sound of flushing* "Uh-Ohhhh!" -Amelia and Kate in unison

"You know that last piece of cake that's not there anymore. I didn't eat it." -Aidan

"I can really put a spell on you and turn you into a turtle, so you'd better not touch my stuff!" -Enoch (to Aidan)

"I could climb in the cage, you know." -Aidan (at the zoo)

"MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!! Aidan's going to look at me again!!" Kate

"Enoch, you can be the king, I'm going to be the queen, Kate you can be the princess, and can be the dog" -Amelia

"How many more days until school's out?" -Enoch (the first week of school)

"How big of a dog do you think Daddy will notice?" -Kate


Miss. Nic said...

Hey Aunt Tayna! Nicole here! You have inspired me & my momma to start our own blog!!! i dont know where mom's is. but mine is . I really enjoy your blog & reading about you. I love you & everybody up there!
miss. nic

PalaytiasDreams said...

Oh oh don't forget to add the:

"I'm not doing anything." and insert whatever sound effects you wish that raise your eyebrow and the hair on your arm as they innocently look at you.

or the

"I'm not (yaaaaaaaaaaawn whine scream) Sleeeeeeeepy!!!"

Or a new one at my house the other night

"Mommy I can't go to bed, I have muscous running down my esophogaus and it's disgusting" that was from my not quite yet three year old trying to get out of bed.

Ayep....we must share the same genes. All I can say is that mother's curse better extend to the next generation.