Friday, June 30, 2006

Trust me....

As most of you know (or don't know) Scott and I are in the process of trying to buy a 116 yr old home in NE Indiana. Well, today we had our inspection on the house before we finalize our offer. We had contacted the listing agent to let them know when we were going to be there, and that we would need to have access to the garage. Well, when we got there, neither of the keys they told us would fit the garage, would. I called the agent, and he tells me that they should fit. I informed him that, indeed, they did NOT fit any of the doors. He told me "The garage is in pretty good shape. You can see it through the windows (in the garage doors)." I told him that we really needed to get in to look AROUND. He gave me the phone number of the seller's daughter and said to see if she could come over. Of course, she wasn't home, so I went digging through the house. I came up with a large coffee can filled halfway with keys (probably around 100-200). We eventually came up with the correct key to the doors, and now we know why they didn't want us to open them. The garage roof is COMPLETELY caving in on one side. Long story short- the garage will need to be torn down. In addition to the broken A/C, the lack of a chimney liner, a non-working water-heater and furnace (and a few other things) the house is in perfect condition! It's still a possibility, we just need to get in touch with our realtor and "work something out". Say a prayer for us!!

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