Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Climb on the ark

Happy Field Day! Or, not happy field day for those lovely parents who volunteered to sit in the sweltering heat, tossing a hulla-hoop to kids who would rather be chasing each other. I, however, was not one of them. I did eat lunch with Enoch and Amelia, though. After joining Amelia outside for her recess (I was talking to some Mom's while Aidan played on the playground and Ava sat in her stroller), I went inside for Enoch's lunch time. About 30 minutes later I realized, hey! I'm missing a kid!! Yep! Aidan, how could I possibly forget him! Two minutes of quiet time should have alerted me that something was amiss. I ran back outside to the playground, where he wasn't, of course. Then tried to wade through the100 million school kids, siblings, parents, grandparents,long lost uncles, and the occasional kitchen sink to try and find the little red-headed boy, before he bacame a little burnt-red headed boy by the sun. I found him playing with the kindergarteners at the field day events. He didn't even miss me. Big surprise.

Here is a brief synopsis of each of us:

As most of you know, we put an offer on a home. I don't want to jinx anything, so 'nuff said. I'll tell you after we find out Friday afternoon.

Our darling Ava has perfected saying 'Nana'. Good for her. Good for Nana. BAAAAAAD for Mommy.

Enoch is anticipating the end of school. Several times a day, in fact. He is still wondering why he has to bathe regularly if he can't smell himself. Knock knock. Who's there. Hygeine. Hygeine who? Hygeine (Hi Gene!) you'd better shower 'cause you stink like a pack of dead camels.

Amelia wrote a letter to her school principal voicing her disappointment in both the new school playground and field day not being accessible to everyone. Haley specifically. You go, Mimi!!!

Poor Kate is going through hair-twirling withdrawl. But, in spite of that, she is still counting down the months until she can cut her hair for Locks of Love again.

Aidan got his finger stuck in the shower drain and basically skinned it yanking it out. It has to be medicated and bandaged twice a day. I guess he thought I was running out of things to do, and since he's already jumped off the couch with the blind cord around his neck, what else was there?

Sorry the update was so long coming. I'll try harder. Replies would be nice and encouraging, though. It may keep me motivated to write more if I know someone is actually reading this. I wish there was a way to track how many people are. Or maybe that would just be more embarassing to know who all knew what went on in this house.

PS I forgot the whole "ark" thing in my title. Some I-D-I-O-T (I have to spell it or the kids will get me) blocked up our drain, and we had a massive downpour. We had a lake almost 3 feet deep in front of the entrance to our parking lot. No one could drive in or out (except by motor boat). I sent the kids out to swim. They had a blast, of course. Okay, okay, so maybe I joined them for a bit, too. Who can resist? Oh, yeah, Scott can. And did.

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