Saturday, May 13, 2006

What my Mother's taught me

Contemplating tomorrow's Mother's Day, and knowing that I publish these too late at night for anyone to read it, I thought I would get a jump start tonight. Here are some thing's my Mommy has taught me. By: Tanya

My Mom taught me:

1. If anyone is ever in need, be the first to help. Not only help of your own free will, but enjoy it, and do it until they don't need help anymore. She taught me that by serving others, you strengthen your own spirit. That is the first thing I realized about my Mom. I don't think she could have taught me anything more important.

2. Keep your negative comments to yourself. Don't indulge others in pessamistic conversation. Anger breeds contempt. No one wants to be around someone who's unpleasant. Make sure that person isn't you.

3. Too many perms is a bad thing. A really bad thing.

4. When you behave badly as a child, your mother will pray for a child that behaves the same way for you. Mother's have a tight bond with God, and God has a sense of humor. She will get what she wants.

5. When everything is falling apart around you, you are still a shelter to your children. (No matter what happened in our lives as kids, my Mom never made us feel as if anything was wrong. If there was any financial or other sorts of problems- we never knew it)

6. You can make the most deplorable shack a beautiful home.

7. Children's artwork should be displayed everywhere, and for eternity. She still hangs up a "kitchen witch" I made out of an old sock, some yarn, a piece of felt, and flour&water for glue. I'm still proud of it everytime I see it.

8. As a child we never realize the extent our parents have gone through for us. It isn't until I was grown with children of my own that I realize what a difficult life she had, and how much she sacrificed for us. A lifetime of 'thank-you' could never repay. I suppose that's why we give them grandchildren.

9. Sometimes the farther apart you are, the closer you get.

10. Being a Mother is more than just a title, or a job. It is a crown of honor that we wear upon our heads for everyone to see. Each child, a precious stone upon that crown. It is knowing in your heart that you will forever be spiritually connected to an endless cirlce of love, that goes far beyond what you can even comprehend. It's knowing that your responsibility far extends that of presidents or kings. You are called to prepare these young children for their eternal calling, both here on earth, and in heaven. You are given no monetary reward for your efforts, but it doesn't matter- what you offer is priceless.

Mom, I want you to know on this Mother's Day how very much I love you. I want you to know that I see you performing the ultimate sacrifice for your own Mother, and pray I can be as good of a daughter as you are. You are my strength, and my example to live by. You are my lighthouse when the storms darken around me. You have taught me that struggles only require more strength, and that we can receive that strength from Heavenly Father and those around us. I would not be who I am today, if it wasn't for you. Thanks Mom.

Good night. I love you. See you in the morning. I'm going to rest my eyes.

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