Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I'm Back!!

It's been a looooong 4 days, and since Scott won't blog, I guess you just had to enjoy the silence. But, not for long!

I'll update you on the last four days.

Sunday, Mother's Day: I awoke to kids not arguing (what I asked for for Mother's Day-as apposed to a GIGANTIC bowl full to the brim of Grape-nuts, which is what I got last year for breakfast). Everyone did a great job getting ready for church, and the kids sang in sacrament meeting (always a tear-jerker). At the end, the bishop recognized each mother BY NAME without any prompting! Quite a feat! I can't even get my five kids names straight! After church, I got my 2 hour nap, then the kids and I made frames for Monday, and Scott made dinner- yummy roast and potatoes!

Monday, The Day After: I awoke to the kids arguing (what happens every normal day). I can't remember much of the daytime, same old stuff, I guess. In the evening we went to the Hamilton House (Retirement/Old Folks/Resting Home) and delivered some cards and our photos in the homemade frames. The kids were so excited, I thought they were going to explode! When we first went in, we recognized a few of the people (Doc, Corky, and Helen Keller- who could forget those names!) then went around to the rest of the apartments, knocked on the door, and went in when the said we could. On one of the rooms, they said 'Come in.' and we went in and the kids gave her the stuff, and talked for a little while. Luckily, they didn't notice that she didn't have any pants on. Her PJ top came down a little lower, and she was bent over (good thing we weren't coming in from behind her!) so you could hardly tell. Well, I decided, that I would do a little 'clothing check' before having all the kids come in. I'm pretty sure Heavenly Father gave me that lady as a warning, because just a few doors down, poor Rita Redman was as naked as a jaybird when I walked in. She needed a little help getting her PJ's on, and since it took as long for Scott to get someone and them actually GETTING there, I just helped her out myself. She asked me if I was new there. New to this, I thought! I gave her her things and a hug and left. The kids weren't very happy that they didn't get to go in and see her. I sure was, though! There were a few other funny moments, like when one of the ladies met us for the first time, several times that night. The guy who was certain that Scott's mom was Rita, and the lady that told us that there was a 2 month old baby running all over the place yesterday. It just reinforces why I love going there. It's almost as if they're an innocent child again, with all the child-like wonder and love. And boy, do they ever love the kids- almost as much as the kids love them.

Tuesday "The world's worst day"- I was going to re-hash everything, but then, that's just depressing. The day was SO BAD for EVERYONE that we had chocolate cake and ice cream for dinner. 'Nuff said.

Wednesday (Today)- I went on a field trip with Kate's class to the Botanical Conservatory. They have a butterfly exhibit which was wonderful! We all had a great time! I was a little startled to see all these little first graders doing little hand-clapping thingy's talking about "shaking their booty". Yikes! I told Kate that that was a word that better not leave her lips unless she found hidden treasure somewhere. Tonight we had a "mexican fiesta" for Mutual. The guys were in charge and we played a few fun games. They had some girls bring salsa, but the guys were in charge of bringing the chips. You guessed it- no chips. Spoons, anyone?

Tomorrow Enoch and I are attending a "Bodies in Progress: for boys" class. I had them forward me a copy of what they were talking about (no sex or other controversial stuff), to decide if I was even going to have him go. I'm still trying to find a crate to put Aidan in while we go. For some reason, I don't think Aidan would get much out of it, except embarassing things to talk about during Primary. Ava, I'm not so worried about. They are going to talk about girls' "cycles" so I'm wondering if me going would embarass him to death. Any thoughts?

Tomorrow is also Aidan's official last day of school. They are going to the zoo. Unfortunately, I have a meeting for the first hour across town, so I hope we get there for at least the last part. We'll let you know how everything goes!

Thanks for tuning in!

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