Saturday, May 06, 2006

Games Babies Want to Play

If I had enough time, I would write my own, but for tonight, you'll have to read a little excerpt from The Diaper Diaries:

Games Babies Want to Play:

Month 1- You'll never guess when I'm going to spit up!

Month 2- Let's see how long I can cry.

Month 3- Where have I rolled to?

Month 4- Who will pick up what I throw on the floor?

Month 5- Guess what I just put in my mouth!

Month 6- Which way will I tip when you sit me up?

Month 7- I'll bite your nipple and you try not to jump.

Month 8- What common household item will I be afraid of today?

Month 9- Bet I can reach what you think I can't!

Month 10- Guess what strange Transitional Comfort Object I'll be dragging around this week!

Month 11- Lean over so I can grab your fingers and stumble around!

Month 12- Call me and I'll run and hide!

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