Thursday, May 04, 2006

Show me the money!

So, did you hear that a stay-at-home mom (dumbest name I've ever heard of) would earn around $134,000/yr! Is that supposed to IMpress or DEpress me? I'm not sure. Why would they even figure that up? Is it like we can use it against something? I know. The next time I go to get a job, and they ask me about my previous salary, THAT's what I'm putting. I'm sure that'll get me far.

Well, Scott and Enoch are off on a school over-night field trip to Camp Pottawottamie. I can't wait to hear about it. Enoch's best friend, Ross, and his dad are going also. Oughta be a hoot and a half! I'm pretty content staying here at home.

After school, I took the rest of the gang out to eat chips and salsa, then to see the Curious George movie. I loved it!! We were the only one's in the theatre, which worked out since Ava was a little vocal. The kids thought it was cool because they could switch seats whenever they wanted (almost).

I tried to get the kids into bed early since they were up until 11pm last night, so we started wrapping things up around 7pm. I think most of them were asleep by 10. I know Aidan's been asleep a little longer than that judging by the circumfrance (is that how you spell it?) of the drool stain he's leaving on my pillow.

I went garage saleing today. Honestly, I wish these subdivisions would get together and try and space out there community sales. There's about 15 community ones this weekend. Then, come the middle of the summer- nothing. Not to mention, if I could, I would take a loan out to get me through the next few weekends worth. I did find Amelia some clothes (size 14, or an XXS adult-YIKES!! Save those clothes, Suzie), but I'm still desperately in search of some capri's for her, size 7 slim pants for Kate, and size 5 jeans for Aidan. That's what I'm LOOKING for, unfortunately, I tend to find TONS of other stuff. I'm really a sucker for books- especially if they're $.25 or less. Enoch inhales them, and Amelia is finally catching on. I did find a trunk for Enoch, so he can put his 'special' things in it and lock it up so Aidan doesn't get to them. Oh, the joy's of sharing a room!

Kate's reading the second Harry Potter book. They didn't have the first one at the library, and she wanted to see one of the movies. The rule at our house is, they have to read the book before they see the movie (unless we deem the movie inappropriate or rated above PG). She keeps asking how we'll know if she's really read it or not (not a promising sign), and I told her we'd ask her questions, and we could tell by her answers. Then she panics, and says 'What it I don't get the right answer?!' I told her we'd just have to wait and see. For some reason, I just can't see Kate getting through Harry Potter- but, just you wait. She'll do it just to spite me.

Well, time to dry the pillow off and get to bed. I have plenty of cleaning to do tomorrow (dang fairy still hasn't showed up to do it). I'm pretty certain that our clothes are getting together in the dryer and multiplying (and yet, every morning no one has ANYTHING to wear!). I shouldn't be going garage saleing in the morning, but we'll see how the 'ole 'strong will' is holding up.

G'night and good luck!

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