Friday, May 12, 2006

Today's Insights

1. I've figured out that it's easier to just throw the cheerios on the floor and have her eat them off of there, then waste my time putting them on the tray, where they end up on the floor anyway. And it gives her something to crawl towards.

2. Kate spent the evening at a friends house. She was appalled that they didn't pray at the restaraunt before eating, but she ensured me she said a personal prayer before she ate. I'm grateful that she didn't insist on the family joining her. You know, just having one of them gone for the evening seems like a huge relief. One less fight to have to refree (or in Kate's case, 10 less)

3. We went to our local 50% off book sale at the kids school. We're suckers when it comes to books.

4. Scott and the boys went out for a Mother's Day present. I let Scott know that Kohl's was having a sale on the charms for my "children's birthstone" necklace-HINT!HINT! Apparently he had already thought of that. Just want to make sure he doesn't forget.

5. We found out a few days ago that someone is going to help us get a loan for a house. We are officially looking- HARD. We will put our 60 days notice in to the apartments at the end of this month, so we should be in a home by Augast 1.

6. I'm very grateful for strange sayings that have been passed down to Scott and I, that we, in turn, are passing on to our children, namely: "hunka-munka" (hamburger), "We're going to Bangums to get our bums bottomed" (I'm not going to tell you where we're actually going because you'll probably just throw a hissy-fit about it), "Skinny Rabbit!/Skin the Rabbit!" (said while taking off someone's shirt. Not a good come-on line to begin a romantic evening with, though.), "A-one-and-a-two-and-a-boop-boop-be-do" (said just before turning off the light switch), "I see your heiny, all fat and shiny" (said while changing someone's diaper or giving them a bath. Again, not a good come-on line), "Good night, I love you, see you in the morning, I'm gonna rest my eyes" (said by the child going to sleep, followed by the parent saying "Good night, I love you, see you in the morning, rest your eyes- this is directly followed by the boop-boop-be-doop thing)

So if you didn't think we were strange before, I hope this settles it.

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