Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Top 10 for 2003

Here is a list I wrote 2 1/2 years ago, that was supposed to be sent out as late Christmas letters. Notice how everyone got a copy? These are the top 10 lists for everyone (but Scott, which is why we never sent them out. We kept waiting for him to do his. We're still waiting, by the way). Keep in mind, Aidan was 2, Kate was 4, Amelia was 6, and Enoch was 7. You can just imagine some of the stories behind these.

The top ten things I learned in 2003:

-You have a better chance of getting what you want if you use real words instead of just saying “tah”.
-There’s a lot of comfort to be found when someone else you love has a tube just like you.
-You don’t get candy every time you say “trick-or-treat”.
-Little girls are cute, but they sure can hit hard-and scream loud.
-If you’re strapped in too tight, sometimes you have to take your pants off to get out.
-Not everyone can have good hair.
-You have to try on everybody’s shoes to see how they feel.
-Mommy doesn’t think it’s funny when you play hide-and-seek in the hotel elevator. Neither do the security guards.
-There’s no substitute for Mom, but Nana’s Grandma’s and Mimi’s come close.
-You can never have too many blankees.

-Cats don’t always like to be kissed on the nose.
-Even if you don’t like your curly hair, you really shouldn’t cut it.
-Little brothers can be nice, but they can REALLY be annoying.
-When you listen really well in Primary, you can tell your stories in Family Home Evening.
-Looking cute doesn’t always get you out of trouble.
-Heavenly Father always hears us pray, but sometimes He says, “No.”, or “Not yet.”
-Dish soap can make dishes clean, but it sure does taste awful.
-You can go a lot faster on a bicycle than you can just walking (but it hurts worse when you fall).
-When you say something and everyone laughs, they aren’t being mean. You just made them happy.
-Sometimes you have to wait for Heavenly Father to get your house ready before you can move in.

-Not everyone wants you to be their Mommy.
-Just because you’re loud, doesn’t mean they’re listening to you.
-You can spend the whole day in your room if you have a mirror and karaoke machine.
-Not all babysitters know how to change Aidan’s tube if it falls out. Sometimes you have to calm them down and just do it yourself.
-When your Mom’s the Brownie leader you get to help do a lot of fun stuff. You also get told to sit down a lot.
-Eating dinner standing up isn’t as much fun as sitting in your chair quietly.
-When you know how to read, your little brother and sister think you’re pretty cool (and bring you lots of books to read to them).
-Everyone spills.
-You may be bigger than your brother, but you’ll never be older.
-Beautiful comes from the inside first.

-All the SpongeBob in the world doesn’t make being in the hospital fun.
-Just because you went to school for a long time, and you’re a doctor, doesn’t mean you know what you’re talking about.
-If you break your little pinkie in enough places, they’ll give you a great big cast that goes all the way to your elbow.
-Sometimes you have to scream and cry while you’re praying.
-You feel a lot bigger with the Holy Ghost inside of you.
-It feels nice to let your little brother take care of you for a change.
-It’s harder to make your own decisions, than it is to have Mom and Dad just tell you what to do.
-Being on the top bunk doesn’t get you much closer to God, but falling off of it can.
-You don’t have to know how to play the game to have fun playing it.
-It’s hard to be a good example.

-There is no such thing as too many childproof gadgets.
-If you have the time, do it now. You never know where you’ll be tomorrow.
-Every life is precious. Each moment with that life is even more. Make it count.
-Walls can be painted, carpets can be cleaned, but you can never undo what you’ve said.
-Family will always be close, no matter how far away you are.
-Make the time to do service and the blessing will appear.
-Leading a troop of 6 year old Brownies is more difficult than giving birth. And there are no drugs.
-Miracles are found in unanswered prayers.
-Sometimes God brings family members together by taking one away.
-“Just hold on, the light will come.”/ “Faith precedes the miracle”

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Patty said...

Tanya - your mom let me know about your blog. I have not read all of it yet, but am sure looking forward to reading everything.
How you have time to do this, I don't know..... But, keep it coming - it's funny!!! You could be the next Erma Bombeck!